Virtual Tour of Jaguar Gallery at Coventry Transport Museum

Monday, June 9, 2014

As detailed in the Museum Displays section of this website (see under 'The Collection'), a selection of 17 vehicles from Jaguar Heritage's collection are now on show in a dedicated gallery at the Coventry Transport Museum. The best way to enjoy this display is obviously a visit to the museum - where the cars can be seen close up and the various digital information panels and archive video films can be watched.

However, for those enthusiasts who live further afield and who cannot easily visit Coventry, it is now possible to take a virtual tour of the gallery.  Those familiar with Google 'street view' will find that the navigation is identical - enabling you to simulate a walk around the gallery with 360 degree views from 14 different vantage points.  This provides a close up view of all the cars on display and also enables you to read many of the information panels for each section of the gallery. It is even possible to step inside two of the cars on display - the 1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC and the 1955 Mark VllM - and take a look around the interiors of these classic vehicles!

To take the virtual tour, click on the image below (opens in a new window).

CTM gallery Google screen grab